Richard S. Bigelow Construction Inc. has been building and remodeling quality homes and commercial projects in the Grant County, New Mexico region since 1983.

As a builder, Rich Bigelow believes in using "green" sustainable building practices. With the environmental and energy issues challenging us today, the company approaches every project through the lens of sustainable and eco-friendly building. Rich is an advocate for new homes, remodels, and additions that optimize space and energy efficiency and renewable energy. 

Rich and his wife, Mary Stoecker, have for several decades made personal choices toward limiting their negative impacts on the environment. Seven years ago they decided to reduce their carbon footprint even further with the design and installation of the following:

Solar Water System

Photovoltaic (Solar) Electric System

Their thirteen-year-old house PV Utility now produces 100% of their electricity and hot water needs with surplus power being distributed to the community.

R.S. Bigelow Construction offers the following building practices and services: 

  • Design of passive solar in new homes and additions
  • Maximal energy efficiency
  • Use of maintenance free or minimal exterior products
  • Properly installed insulation that meets or exceeds building code
  • Minimized thermal bi-pass during new construction (Air Infiltration)
  • Recycling systems
  • Use of local building products and local trade contractors/labor
  • Design and installion of solar for new and retrofitted homes: solar photo voltaic (PV) and solar water systems for both domestic hot water and heating systems
  • Use of the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) to test home efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly, low to maintenance-free interior and exterior products from sustainable resources
  • Installation of insulation that meets and exceeds today's building codes
  • Use of local building products, local trade contractors and labor
  • Guidance in understanding and accessing state and federal energy tax incentives, the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), and more

R.S. Bigelow Construction, Inc. is a member of:

  • Southwest New Mexico Home Builders Association (Grant County)
  • Green Build New Mexico
  • Southwest New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce (Grant County)
  • New Mexico Solar Energy Association
  • New Mexico Home Builders Association
  • Habitat For Humanity Contributor